images  “Just do it”!   “Finger lickin’ good.”  “We try harder.” “Have it your way.”  “Tastes great, less filling.” Okay, these may not be appropriate tag lines for your match or jdate profile, but they sure did the trick for the products they were selling.  They were memorable, different, catchy and most importantly, they broke away from the pack by separating themselves from their respective competition. If you start promoting yourself the way a successful brand or product does, you really will start to see results. I know, it may seem strange to think of yourself as a piece of chicken or a burger, but considering it is kind of a meat market out there, you may as well distinguish yourself as a prime cut.   Quite simply, you need to sell yourself, whether you are a shiny new Lexus or a really comfortable and reliable used Jeep. Start by finding your Unique Selling Proposition. (USP) a standard advertising tool. Take some time to think about what you have to offer that makes you stand out. In advertising terms, would “four out of five ex boyfriends recommend” you? Are you “worth it” or “good to the last drop?” For instance, if it’s a sense of humor, what kind is it? Wicked, silly, sophomoric? If you are a good cook, what are your best dishes? If you’re athletic, give us some stats. If you are a caretaker, a bookworm, a movie lover, a binge TV watcher, what would make that special someone out there want to spend time with you?   You have a better story then you think. Instead of just checking the boxes and answering the profile questions, construct a real narrative. It may surprise you to know that personality, having a passion for something or as sense of humor far outscores great looks and a smile when it comes to online interest. If you have a charity you love, talk about it. If you have a particular hobby or gift, let your audience know it. If you love sports, what was your favorite Sports moment? How did you get involved? Do you have a team you follow? When you are watching a commercial on TV, it’s the storytelling that pulls you in. Budweiser may not really taste like the king of beers, but I sure cry and stay involved when I see that Clydesdale try to reunite with his first trainer.   Truth in Advertising is the only way to go. According to new statistics, over 81% of online daters lie about age, weight and height. But like any product, once you bring the merchandise home from the store and it isn’t what you expected, chances are you wont be buying it again. So save yourself the time and embrace your figure, your weight or your age. You need to send out to the Universe what you want to get back in return; a real person, with real strengths and weaknesses, who will be as truthful with you as you are to them. The more honest you are, the more you will endear yourself to the “one” out there waiting for you.   Tag lines, packaging and product placement. It’s interesting that in a recent Reuter’s poll, the majority of us still believe in love at first sight. Online, that gives you probably less than 4 seconds to make an impression. Whether it’s a clever or unique tag line, a photo that doesn’t look at all like the 50 they have already scrolled through (even a different angle, a fun prop or an unusual pop of color) start to think more strategically about your personality and brand over another pretty picture. Spend the next day or so paying closer attention to the commercials you watch, the print ads you read, even the tons of pop-ups that make you crazy online. I bet you start to notice what it is about some of them that keep your attention and convince you that you have to have it right away. Hey, someday soon, that product could be you.